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A Payday Cash Advance Provides Shelter in a Financial Storm

The world is a much different place than it was 50 years ago. Back then, the axiom "save for a rainy day" was very much recognized and adhered to, as most people made room in their budgets to deposit a portion of their paychecks into their savings accounts. And even though the funds that accumulated was meant for a rainy day, it would take a tsunami before they'd even think about touching it. These days, savings accounts are a dying breed. More people live paycheck-to-paycheck than ever before, and those who can afford to save do so through investments and high interest-yielding CDs and 401k accounts, which, by design, aren't easily accessed to help stymie the temptation of spending the money. But even then, the money is not easily accessed. Fortunately, when a financially sunny day gives way to an unexpected rainstorm, a short-term advance can be your umbrella.

Finding Shelter from the Storm

At CashAdvancePay.com (and NoFaxQuickCashAdvance.com for that matter), we know how frustrating it is to have no funds when you need it most, especially when you'll have plenty on your next payday--but then it will be too late. In the absence of rainy day savings to dip into, your options are very limited. Borrowing from a conventional lender isn't an option; even if you passed the stringent credit requirements that are currently in place, you'll have received two or three paychecks by the time you're given the money you asked for. Given that the recession has left most people in the same financial boat, you probably wouldn't have much luck hitting up a friend for a loan, either. Fortunately, your only option is also your best option: Get the money you need before your next paycheck.

Hassle-Free Service

With no credit check, a hassle-free process and competitive rates, borrowing funds when your rainy day comes has never been easier or quicker. After filling out our brief online loan application and hitting "send," your work is done. You don't have to fax us copies of your ID and paystubs; you don't have to sign and return any loan documents; and you don't have to guarantee repayment of the loan with any collateral. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your money--but not very long. In most cases, our customers are already out spending their funds less than 24 hours after they applied for it.

The Power of Money

Our speedy turnaround gives you almost limitless power in the face of even the most threatening storms. Use it to prevent a credit card issuer from charging an exorbitant late fee and scarring your credit report; use it to cover an overdraft, stopping your bank from rearranging your debits to pile up several overdraft fees; use it to thwart a utility company from disconnecting your service and charging a subsequent reconnection fee; or use it to make up the amount you're short on rent, stopping your landlord from charging daily late fees.

Forecast Free

All you need to give yourself the financial advantage of a short-term financial solution are a job and a bank account with direct deposit. We'll wire the money you borrow directly into your account shortly after we receive your application, and then withdraw what you owe on your next payday. The process couldn't be easier, quicker or more hassle-free. With the power of our free service at your disposal, you don't even need to know in advance when the next rainy day is coming.